Angel Moroni Details - Cast Marble with Gold Finish

Karl Quilter has been sculpting angels for the LDS Church since the 1970s. His angels can be seen on over 100 temples throughout the world. This upright angel was designed after the angel which Karl created for the recently dedicated Nauvoo Temple. The sculpting of the small angel began as an incentive for Karl's grandchildren to read the scriptures. Karl gave the angel as a gift to any of his grandchildren which would take the challenge to read the standard works in a year. Many took him up on it, and soon Karl had not only family, but friends desiring to receive an angel. With the dedication of the Nauvoo Temple, Karl felt it appropriate to offer these angels to all.

Each piece is hand cast and individually tooled. Weight 4 lbs, 15 inches tall, mounted on a beautiful marble base.

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